A Former Prosecutor Fighting for You – To WIN

A Former Prosecutor who Knows How to Fight for Your Win

Kenny Nguyen is a former California Prosecutor, now fighting for your rights as a defense and personal injury attorney. His experience on both sides of the legal aisle in criminal court equips him with a deep understanding of the motivations and tactics used by the prosecution.

This dual perspective enables Kenny to anticipate and counter the prosecution’s strategies effectively. Moreover, his commitment to protecting individuals’ rights and achieving the best results for his clients makes him a formidable advocate.

Kenny has been fighting his whole life to get where he is, and accordingly, he will use the same tenacity and determination to help you win.

What you can Expect from Kenny Nguyen

Practice Areas

Personal Injury

If you've been injured due to negligence, our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping you seek the compensation you deserve. We have a proven track record of successfully representing clients ensuring you receive the financial recovery needed to move forward with your life.

Felony Cases

Facing serious felony charges can be daunting, but our legal team is dedicated to providing strong advocacy and strategic defense, working to secure the best possible outcome for individuals accused of offenses such as violent crimes and white-collar crimes.

Criminal Investigation Representation

Our team is here to safeguard your rights and provide personalized legal counsel, ensuring a fair and rigorous defense in court as we fight for your innocence and advocate for your best interests.


Our experienced DUI defense attorneys are committed to minimizing the consequences associated with DUI charges by challenging evidence and protecting your rights, ensuring the best possible outcome for your case.

Why You Need a Former Prosecutor as Your Defense Counsel

Kenny’s experience as a former prosecutor gives you a unique and effective skill set as a defense attorney, making him well-suited for your defense. Here are 10 reasons why a former prosecutor is your best defense:

In-depth knowledge of the legal system:

As a prosecutor, Kenny became intimately familiar with both sides of the legal system, including court procedures, rules of evidence, and case law. This can be a significant advantage in building a strong case for your defense.

Understanding of prosecutorial tactics:

Kenny knows the strategies and tactics used by the prosecution, allowing him to anticipate their moves and effectively counter them.

Strong courtroom experience:

Prosecutors gain extensive courtroom experience. Should your case go to court, Kenny’s experience will prove invaluable as he is comfortable with the dynamics of the courtroom.

Relationships with key players:

Kenny has established relationships with judges, court staff, and other legal professionals, which can be beneficial when advocating for you as a client.

Insight into prosecutorial mindset:

Thinking like a prosecutor, Kenny can identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and exploit them to your benefit.

Effective cross-examination skills:

Prosecutors are experienced in cross-examining witnesses, a skill that can be crucial in discrediting prosecution witnesses and bolstering your defense.

Negotiation skills:

Kenny is adept at negotiating with opposing counsel, which can lead to favorable plea deals or resolutions for you as his client.

Knowledge of evidentiary issues:

Kenny has a strong grasp of the rules of evidence and can effectively challenge the admissibility of evidence that may be detrimental to you in court.

Legal resources and research capabilities:

As a prosecutor, Kenny gained access to extensive legal resources and research tools, which can be invaluable in preparing a solid defense strategy for your case.

Balance and objectivity:

A former prosecutor will bring a more balanced and objective perspective to your case, ensuring that your rights as the defendant are upheld and that you receive a fair trial.

Meet Kenny Nguyen

Kenny has over a decade of well-rounded legal experience. During this time, he worked in a personal injury law firm and in four different prosecution offices throughout California, namely Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, San Francisco County District Attorney’s Office, San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office, and Nevada County District Attorney’s Office.

Kenny has taken to jury trial everything from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies, including sexual assault court trials in Juvenile Delinquency. Kenny has handled over one thousand Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Controlled Substances (DUI) cases and is very knowledgeable about the defenses in DUI charges.

Facing criminal charges?

Here’s what to expect…

Criminal cases in Nevada County follow the same basic pattern. As soon as an arrest occurs, police will attempt to obtain additional evidence, such as an identification from a witness through the use of a lineup. A formidable criminal defense attorney like Kenny, will help to protect your rights while you are in police custody.

The first court session is the arraignment. Here, the court will hear a formal entry of the charges and set bail conditions. Kenny will help enter a formal plea and argue for an appropriate bail that helps you await the end of your case from the comfort of your home.

At least one other court session will occur prior to a case going to trial. This is an opportunity to make legal arguments concerning the legality of evidence or work towards a potential plea deal with the prosecutor. A trial will only occur if these sessions fail to resolve the case in question.

Contact Kenny today and he will provide more information about the criminal court process and fight to protect your rights throughout all stages of your case.


The WIN Law Firm is led by Kenny Nguyen, who fights intelligently to advocate for his clients. He understands that good people can sometimes find themselves in unfortunate situations, for which he is prepared to help them rise above.

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