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Your Nevada County Legal Defense in All Felony Charges

All arrests in Nevada County are serious matters, requiring the expertise of a criminal defense attorney. While the law often categorizes criminal allegations as misdemeanors, a conviction typically results in no more than one year in jail. In these cases, defendants may benefit from court-supervised diversion programs and require proficient felony and misdemeanor defense representation.

However, some allegations escalate to felonies. Felony charges are grave, with a conviction potentially leading to more than a year in prison, among other severe penalties. In such situations, the role of a criminal defense lawyer specializing in felony representation becomes critical. After a felony arrest, it is essential to seek immediate legal guidance from a skilled Nevada County felony lawyer. Our adept criminal defense attorneys, experienced in both felony and misdemeanor defense representation, are prepared to listen to your story and give your case the comprehensive attention it warrants.

What Makes A Case A Felony?

In simple terms, a felony is any accusation of criminal wrongdoing where a conviction can result in a prison term of more than one year. Under California Penal Code § 1170 (h), a felony conviction comes with a 16 month prison sentence by default. However, most felony cases will carry specific penalties upon conviction. Common examples of felony offenses, requiring the expertise of a criminal defense attorney skilled in felony and misdemeanor defense representation, include:

  • Hit-and-run car accidents
  • Fraud
  • Assaults and batteries with aggravating factors
  • Incidents involving domestic violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Gun charges
  • Gang activity
  • Homicides

These felony charges often involve severe injury to others or the destruction of valuable property. A Nevada County felony attorney, proficient in felony representation, can offer more information about these charges and guide you through your case process with the dedicated support of a criminal defense lawyer.

Promoting Powerful Defenses Against Felony Accusations

As serious as felony accusations are, the prosecutor still bears the burden of proving their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Meanwhile, anyone facing accusations of a felony offense has rights under the law, and a criminal defense attorney specializing in felony and misdemeanor defense representation is crucial.

When defending against a felony charge, a Nevada County lawyer, adept in felony representation, could work to create reasonable doubt about an accusation. For instance, our legal team could question a witness’s recollections of an event, dispute the accuracy of supposed scientific evidence, and provide evidence at trial that places a defendant at a different location at the time of the alleged crime.

It may also be possible to defend against felony allegations long before a case goes to trial. An attorney, skilled as a criminal defense lawyer, could challenge the admissibility of evidence that a prosecutor intends to show to a jury. If the judge agrees that this evidence violates a defendant’s rights, the judge must exclude that information from trial. Often, this significantly weakens a prosecutor’s case. Similar concepts apply to the reasons police officers had to make an arrest or the methods by which they obtained evidence. Effective pre-trial work by a seasoned criminal defense attorney helps protect the rights of the accused from day one, and a Nevada County attorney could work to safeguard your rights at all stages of your felony case.

Nevada County Legal Representation

All accusations of felonies in Nevada County are serious matters. Under the law, convictions can always result in prison sentences of at least one year. More severe examples could result in longer sentences and other steep penalties. Therefore, prioritizing the retention of a dedicated criminal defense attorney, especially one experienced in felony and misdemeanor defense representation, is crucial.

Hiring a Nevada County felony lawyer, skilled in felony representation, to handle your case can be an important first step. Our legal team, comprising adept criminal defense lawyers, has the time and resources needed to give your case the attention it deserves. We could listen to your side of the story and develop a strategy that meets your needs. Call our office today to schedule your initial consultation.

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