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Fraud touches every area of life, from the internet to the bank to your mortgage, and when the police accuse you of such a crime, you must take it seriously. Fraud is a wobbler crime since prosecutors can decide whether to charge you with a misdemeanor or felony, depending on your history and the details of the alleged offense. Real estate fraud is one of the most common types of fraud that can affect homeowners, sellers, buyers, lenders, and even individuals involved in real estate transactions. A victim of fraud can seek legal assistance from an investment fraud lawyer.
Whether you altered a check, offered to forestall a homeowner’s foreclosure for a fee, or committed a federal crime by promoting a company’s stock with false information, you can be charged with fraud in state court. When you face any fraud charge, especially for the first time, call our dedicated criminal attorneys. We have decades of experience protecting people’s rights and defending their freedom. A Nevada County real estate scam lawyer is who the good guys call when they get in trouble.

What Is Fraud In California?

Criminal fraud in California occurs when someone, through deception or deceit, gains an undeserved benefit like money at the expense of the person they deceived. If caught, the state will confiscate any money or property acquired through fraud.

Insurance Fraud

When someone attempts to profit from insurance payments they are not owed, they can be charged with insurance fraud. Automobile insurance fraud, a common scammer activity, could include valuing a claim more than it is or reporting a stolen car that was not stolen.
Medi-Cal and other healthcare fraud claims can involve medical professionals who bill for services not rendered or patients who doctor-shop to obtain prescriptions for controlled pharmaceuticals. Mail fraud can also be a factor in these cases, involving scammer and victim.
Unemployment insurance pays workers laid off from their jobs a weekly amount while they search for another job. Employees who falsify job search records and employers who claim an employee was fired to avoid paying higher insurance rates and committing insurance fraud are committing fraud.

Financial Fraud

Cases of financial fraud include creating false checks, altering real ones, using someone else’s credit card without permission, participating in identity theft, or forging someone else’s name to gain a benefit. Securities fraud is also a financial crime. Fraud attorney can provide legal assistance in such cases. Investment fraud lawyer can also provide legal assistance in such cases.

Real Estate Fraud

The California real estate market has always been robust, with many opportunities for real estate fraud, from rent-skimming in the first year of owning the property to forging a deed and substituting a straw man with good credit to obtain a mortgage loan. However, it is important to be aware of potential mortgage fraud schemes that can victimize both the buyer and the lender. An investment fraud lawyer can provide guidance and assistance in cases of real estate scam as well as insurance fraud.

Fraud Against The Elderly

Criminals often target older people because they have money saved or are more gullible as their physical and mental stamina declines. Fraud can include telephone or internet schemes, offering fraudulent home repair services, and real estate fraud. Senior scams can also involve mail fraud, targeting the vulnerable population.

Mail Fraud

When a forged check or any fraudulent scheme is communicated through the postal service, the perpetrator can be charged with federal mail fraud.
When you are swept up in a fraud scheme, experienced help is a phone call away. Our fraud attorney s in Nevada County have decades of experience defending hardworking people like you who have been charged with fraud. We have obtained many not-guilty verdicts, reduced sentences, and dropped charges for our clients. We purposely limit our caseload to focus on each client, offering empathy, zealous advocacy, and the best results possible in real estate fraud cases.

Defenses To Fraud Charges

Prosecutors charge people after reviewing evidence. An arrest does not automatically mean you are guilty. You have the right to refute the charges and offer a defense before a jury of your peers when you are charged with a crime. Some defenses might include the following:

  • You did not intend to commit fraud; for instance, you believed you had permission to use someone’s credit card
  • Mistaken identity; you were not involved
  • The police entrapped you into doing something you ordinarily would never do
  • Police seized evidence in violation of your Fourth Amendment rights

Our diligent lawyers in Nevada County tailor every defense to your specific fraud charge. Our clients receive our full attention as we strategize the best outcome possible.

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