Criminal Investigation Representation

Criminal Investigation Representation in Nevada County

Is a law enforcement officer attempting to contact you? Are there knocks on your door or requests for a conversation involving you or a loved one?

If you find yourself accused of a crime or under investigation by police or law enforcement, or if you suspect an investigation might commence, the actions you take at this juncture are pivotal. Even though formal charges may not have been officially filed, your every move could potentially serve as evidence in a criminal investigation. Securing the services of an adept criminal defense attorney like myself for criminal investigation representation is crucial during this period, as it can make the difference between facing charges or having the investigation dismissed.

Proactive Criminal Defense

Hiring legal representation for criminal investigation representation while under investigation does NOT imply guilt. Instead, it is essential for safeguarding your rights throughout any investigative process. Our experienced team at The Win Law Firm will attentively listen to your account of events, conduct a thorough examination of your case, interview witnesses, and formulate effective strategies tailored to your unique situation.

We can speak to law enforcement on your behalf to ensure your perspective is conveyed without the jeopardy of self-incrimination or immediate arrest. Communication with the District Attorney’s Office enables us to elucidate potential defenses that could counter criminal charges.

Throughout the investigative phase, our role is to guide and advise you in criminal investigation representation, ensuring that we collect and preserve pertinent evidence while advocating on your behalf with the primary aim of averting formal charges.

My Former Prosecutor Experience is Invaluable in Your Criminal Investigation Representation

Being a former prosecutor who worked in four different District Attorney’s offices, I understand the intricacies of criminal investigation representation and know how prosecutors think and the strategies of law enforcement officers. Once charges are filed, there may be reluctance on the part of some prosecutors to acknowledge any errors in filing, leading to a commitment to pursuing a misguided prosecution. The proactive approach to criminal defense during the investigative phase holds the advantage that prevention is superior to cure.

Our practice regularly assists clients who are suspects or served with subpoenas by prosecuting or law enforcement agencies in matters of criminal investigation representation. We help our clients in avoiding potential pitfalls and shielding them from inadvertently assisting the police in building a case against them. If you are a subject or target of a criminal investigation, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel specializing in criminal investigation representation. We have helped many of our clients successfully navigate through this hardship.

Other Criminal Defense Services

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